Assumption University of Thailand’s Graduate in further strides internationally

Having been living in my home country for almost three decades and working in HR consulting and Business Development for 7 years, I decided that pursuing a higher education abroad is the right stepping stone for my career and is a constant exercise in pushing myself out of my comfort zone to grow personally and professionally.

I had an opportunity to go on an exchange program in the USA at the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater, through Assumption University of Thailand (ABAC) which has long been inspiring me to go abroad for higher education. I never had any help on which countries or the right major to choose. Graduating in business from the Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics, has prepared me with extensive business skills and knowledge which I think I could take to the next level. I decided to further my education in MBA to expand my business acumen on a global scale and make a career jump after the program. In 2019, I started searching for a business school which can prepare me to be a future leader.

I applied to a few business schools in Europe. Having many interviews with the school committees, taking tests and demonstrating my proficiency level in an array of tasks and requirements, I won a Diversity Scholarship from Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University in the Netherlands, a partner University to the Assumption University of Thailand through the Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) to study in an International Full-Time MBA program.
It brought me to one of the most highly educated and sustainable countries in the world. Studying full-time abroad to immerse myself in a culture unlike my own to broaden my worldview through interactions with people all over the world, I hope to be a future leader with a force of positive change after the program!

Chutikarn Treechanasamoot, Assumption University of Thailand’s Graduating Class of 2015 (Class 44)

Assumption University of Thailand’s Graduate in further strides internationally
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