Office of International Affairs

Au Outbound Exchange Program


  • Study Abroad
    • Experience a new culture
    • Meet new challenges
    • Make new friends
    • Engage the World
    • Develop a Global Mindset
    • Strengthen Character

Requirements for  applicants

  • GPA at least 2.5
  • Declare major before application is made to the Exchange program
  • 60 credits (and not more than 60 credits at the time of application) completed at AU
  • IELTS 6.5 or TOEFL 213 (CBT)
  • Dean’s approval of Exchange Study Plan
  • Interview with selection Committee

* Contact the office of International Affairs upon completion of 50 credits to understand the specific requirements of the Exchange program

* Students bear all travel, living and insurance costs independently


Pay at home institution before leaving for the exchange program.

Transfer of credits

Credits earned for courses in which the student scores at least A or B (and not less) at the Overseas institutions will be transferred to Assumption University.

Course of Study

Depending on our program requirements, you can take courses at the overseas institution which are the equivalent of Au courses.

Travel Expenses

A purchase of a round trip Air Ticket is necessary to obtain student visa.

Medical Insurance

You will be required to show proof of international medical insurance coverage .This is the student’s responsibility.


Each school has their housing coordinators and the student has to contact and make arrangements with the respective coordinators.


Can be obtained with letters of acceptance by the host institution and submission of other required documents by the respective Embassy consular offices. Students apply for visas directly.

Cost Profile Guidelines

  1. Academic Fees
    You will pay to Assumption University of Thailand your regular enrollment fees in Thai Bahts as you would do every semester, prior to leaving for the Student Exchange study abroad.
    On your return to Assumption University of Thailand, the credits for all courses with grades B and above will be transferred for courses you have gained approval to take through the Learning Agreement signed and submitted with your application form to the office of International Affairs at Assumption University of Thailand.
    With this, you will not have to pay any fees at the Assumption University International partner University where you intend to spend your Student Exchange study abroad semester.
    If you are in any way an Assumption University Academic merit scholarship holder or, you have been admitted on the Scholarships Program, this will still be valid in the consideration of the fees due to the University.
  2. Pre-departure costs
    1. Passport costs
    2. Visa application and process costs (you will apply for the visa directly with the Student Exchange Acceptance letter from the International partner University, and the related documents from Assumption University.)
    3. Insurance (life and Health + (Covid19 Insurance- as required by the partner institution)
    4. Airfare (roundtrip)
  3. Living costs in the City/country of the Exchange Study Abroad
    1. Room and utilities costs
    2. Food and beverages
    3. Other incidentals
    4. Costs related to lifestyle

Students who went on the Outbound Student Exchange programs pre-COVID 19 Pandemic period incurred total costs (included in items 1,2,and 3) approximately THB 350,000-400,000 for a five month period of study.

With the post Covid 19 Pandemic economic factors considered, you can expect costs to increase between THB 20,000-25,000 approximately).

As of the present time, we are unaware of the Country specific COVID 19 regulations or protocols involved in Quarantining and the related costs.

Outbound Exchange Student Application form