Office of International Affairs

A Memorable reunion at the Office of International Affairs

Dr. Kamol Kitsawad, former Interim Rector, Dr. Richard Johnson, the Former Director of the Office of International Affairs and Mr. Sunil Elias, a former Consultant for the Recruitment of International Students had a brief reunion visit with the President-Rector Magnificus Rev. Brother Dr. Bancha Saenghiran and the Director of the Office of International Affairs Mr. […]

Congratulations to Nguyen Thi Dung, graduate of the Assumption University class 51

The Director of the Office of International Affairs Warly congratulated Dr. Nguyen Thi Dung and AU-United Board Scholar on January 27,2024 on her accomplishing her PH.D degree in English Language Teaching from the Graduate School of Human Sciences. The Office of International Affairs serves as a Mentoring unit for the United Board scholars and it […]

The Director of the Office of International Affairs attends the 75th Anniversary of the Republic Day Reception at the Shangrila Hotel on January 26,2024

Representing University of Thailand at the reception, Director Glen Chatelier greeted and congratulated Ambassador H. E. Nagesh Singh and his wife, interacted with Their Excellencies Ambassador Archbishop Peter Bryan Wells, Apostolic Nuncio and Mr. Robert F. Gödec, Ambassador of the United States of America and witnessed fusion dances of the Ramayana and The Ramakien, the […]

The Spirit of ASEACCU in collaborative partnership at. Meeting between member institutions on January 23, 2024

Prof. Kelvin Matthews of the Notre Dame Australia Fremantle campus visited Assumption University of Thailand’s Office of International Affairs to follow up on an earlier dialog between Directors Glen Chatelier and Martin Phelps of Notre Dame to explore collaborations between the two institutions. Director Chatelier invited Dr. Marissa Chantamas, Dean of the Albert Laurence School […]

AU Bangladeshi Alumni assumes a responsible role in leadership service to his country

In the recent formation of the National Government of the Democratic Republic of Bangladesh, Mr. Ahasanul Islam Titu was appointed State Minister for Commerce. A Graduate of the Class of 1992, H.E. Ahasanul Islam Titu Carrie’s the onerous task of overseeing Bangladesh’s rapidly growing economy fueled by an expanding financial services market domestically. A graduate […]

The Office of International Affairs warmly Congratulates Fr. Pascal on his graduation from the Master in Business Administration Degree from Assumption University of Thailand in December 2023.

Dear Assumption University Community,I extend my sincere greetings to each of you. My name is Fr. Pascal COULIBALY, and I am both honored and grateful to share a brief update on my journey at Assumption University.Having successfully completed my Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronic Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration, I am now preparing […]

Visit by the Dominican Sisters, O.P. ( St. Catherine of Siena)

Rev. Srs Theresa, Teresa, Martina, Vy and Dung from Vietnam paid a courtesy visit to the Office of International Affairs to greet Mr. Glen Chatelier on January 16, 2024 in the morning. Having completed their Canonical visit to Assumption University of Thailand, Srs. Theresa and Teresa before returning to their congregation home in Vietnam paid […]

Visit by two Assistant Professors of St. Joseph’s College, Nagaland on January 9, 2024

 The Director of the Office of Public International Affairs Mr. Glen Chatelier and Rev. Fr. Pascal a recent MBA graduate of Assumption University on January 9, 2024 welcomed Ms. Vilavonud Maria Kulnu and Ms. Tiamongla, both relatives of Dr. Fr. George Rino, a Religious scholar graduate in Counseling Psychology from Assumption University of Thailand. The […]

The Director of International Affairs’ Literary Work featured in The International Journal of the Royal Society of Thailand

Mr. Glen Chatelier’s Sonnet of Greeting for His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn’s Birthday on July 28, 2021 was included in Volume XIII -2021 of the International Journal of the Royal Society of Thailand, titled Ethics, Science and Religion. Also published was the music score of the Sonnet by Dr. Paulo Zereu of the AU Faculty of […]