Birthday Greetings for H.M. the King

O King our hearts overflow with praise
On this the choicest of your birthdays
The sun with all its rays, lights up at dawn
Our verse to embellish and adorn
On your resplendent throne, your reign is mete
Your giving to your people selfless and complete
Farmers yield crops, with your guidance replete
Scholars, encouraged by you, their visions in futures emit
With giving, righteousness and social concern, actions of fame
Your reign is confirmed in its elegance
Our lives through your care are enhanced
With love of kingdom our hearts, your reign we acclaim
Thus, with hearts and minds in unison we praise
Our celebratory King, blessed in the glimmer of sun’s rays

The office of international Affairs
Assumption University of Thailand
July 28, 2020

Birthday Greetings for H.M. the King
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