Catholic Identity Webinar with Fr. Dr. Brian Muzas and Dr. Katia Passerini on May 23, 2023 09:00 PM BKK Time

Mr. Glen Chatelier and 35 other University representatives from Latin America, U.S.A, Europe, Macau and South East Asia attended the IFCU-organized Webinar on Catholic Identity in which SETON HALL Executives and Academics richly discussed their case of managing Catholic Identity in a New Jersey based institution of tertiary education
Seton Hall arrived at two approaches to managing their Catholic Identity through their strategic plan

     a. Guaranteeing Academic freedom outside the classroom and,
     b. Catholic Intellectual Identity through
         i. Robust dialog which is broadly controlled by counselors and lecturers
         ii. Balancing perspectives in academic discussions
         iii. Broad education scope, but in depth in focus enshrining slogans such as

“What Great minds can do”
“Heart/ Mind/Spirit”
“Natural call to social justice and leadership”
“Faith and Reason”

The Seton Hall experts shared that Catholic Identity is real
It is a way of encountering all learning and research
The important strategy is in listening and interacting with traditions other than our own
The key word in interaction is HOSPITALITY towards other traditions other than Catholicism reflecting that the institution is ‘well-ordered peace’ espousing tranquility of interaction
The role of catholic educators is to move about, interacting with students, listening and being hospitable
At Seton Hall, students are embedded in a broad academic culture and this allows scopes for listening to guest speakers, accepting alternative ideas and engaging in conversations
In the Sciences based faculties, students are encouraged to develop faith based scientific knowledge to entrench the Catholic Identity and to engage in pursuits of knowledge using faith and reason, understanding creation and science, learning about Catholicism and food sciences and learning and debating about the catholic philosophy of science.
The following web link was shared on the Mission and Catholic Identity statement of Seton Hall
The web link richly testifies to the essence that was shared in the webinar on Seton Hall’s Catholic Mission and Identity

Catholic Identity Webinar with Fr. Dr. Brian Muzas and Dr. Katia Passerini on May 23, 2023 09:00 PM BKK Time
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