Important Immigration Matters for International Students

All International students currently registered courses at Assumption University and residing in the Kingdom of Thailand are requested to ascertain the fulfillment of the following requirements related to the immigration laws to avoid the penalties and problems imposed by the Immigration Office.

  1. 90 day reports to the Immigration Bureau, specifying the student’s residential address, email address and telephone numbers (report forms can be downloaded from the Thai Immigration website or obtained from the University Registrar offices at both Suvarnabhumi campus and Hua mak campus.
  2. Visa extensions/renewals as the cases may be.
  3. Passport renewal if the passport date of expiry is less than 6 months (June-December in the current reference period).
  4. Students with Graduating statuses as of October 31, 2021 are advised to check with their respective embassies on provision of possible visa extension on the basis of Covid 19 amnesty (not guaranteed, but possible if the embassies are informed well in advance).

    Students are encouraged to seek the assistance of staff during the Office hours at (Weekends are not included)
    • SM 116 (Suvarnanbhumi campus)
    • Window 10, M Building, Hua mak campus
    • Office Hours: 08:00-12:00 and 13:00-16:30 hrs on all weekdays.

Students can also check the Office of University Registrar Website for specific Information and guidance.
Should the students wish to reach the Office of International Affairs for specific assistance:

Website: www.
Emails: (Director) (Assistant)
Tel: 02 300 4553 ext. 3728-9


Glen Chatelier
The Office of International Affairs
Assumption University of Thailand
Tel: 662 300 4553 ext. 3728-9
Fax: 662 719 0482

Important Immigration Matters for International Students
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