Pascal’s Proud Innovation

Fr. Pascal Coulibaly

The “ROBOCLASSE” or “teacher-Assistant” is an innovative tool for education. It is a smart table equipped with several retractile screens for the sake of facilitating (mainly language) teaching. It uses the technologies of motion, sound, and lighting to capture in the best ways, the learners’ attention and facilitate the lessons’ assimilation (understanding). Preprogrammed, it can automatically dispense some lessons through the synchronization of the screens’ motions, and different sounds and light blinking. It is intended to make class learning less boring for the students and gain their interest more, in order to reduce the dropout and failure rates. It can be operated remotely, via a tablet, or a laptop keyboard.
We believe that this pedagogic tool will offer many African students the chance to have access to technology in their classes, instead of using only biological sketches, geographical maps, and planispheres. For teachers, it will offer more possibilities in explaining their lessons with ease, by not relying solely on their voice.
It is conceived by an Assumption University of Thailand student, who graduated from the Vincent MARY School of Engineering of the Assumption University of Thailand, currently studying Master of Business Administration with us, under the guidance of his Senior Brother Guy Judicial BICABA who has a long and rich experience in teaching field in BURKINA FASO. `
They are very proud and glad, to propose a solution to their national educative system, and a business opportunity for their diocese, from the valuable studies of Pascal at the Assumption University of Thailand.

August 2017 to April 2022: Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics, automation
May 2022 to October 2023: Master in Business Education

Pascal’s Proud Innovation
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