Reflections for peace

We stand with people of goodwill and better understanding in support of the people of Ukraine, and all of Europe at this sad time. We wish our current Ukrainian Faculty and students strength of mind and peace at this time.
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Reflections for peace

Relentlessly our world is destroying itself
Carelessly selfish we seek our own benefits
Has not the Pandemic taught us enough ?
What need do we have now for war and waste ?
It is not the work of the heart that declares war
It is the mind that is restless and insecure
That strategizes war and hides behind the veneer of policy
The cries of babies just born, the groans of the dying
Leave us in angst and fear, humanities greatest tear
Is when people who seek peace are torn by war
We have it in our hands and will to rebuild
Our world with hopes and dreams in peace fulfilled

Glen Chatelier, Director
The Office of International Affairs

Reflections for peace
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