The 27th ASEACUU Conference 2019 (August 20-23, 2019)

Report on the 27th ASEACCU Conference hosted by Sogang University, Seoul, South Korea in collaboration with the Catholic Universities of South Korea from August 20-23, 2019

Pre-Conference Activities: 


Mr. Glen Chatelier participated in the ASEACCU Executive Board meeting on August 19, 2019 from 16:00 to 18:00 hrs at the Elizabeth University Sogang University

The Highlight of the Board meeting was an address by Professor Isabel Gil, the President of the IFCU (concurrent President of the Catholic University of Portugal in Lisbon)

Professor Isabel Gil, the President of IFCU addressing the Board members on the ongoing initiatives and the new projects by IFCU (2018-2022)

The ASEACCU Executive Board with representatives from Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages, Assumption University of Thailand, Notre Dame University Australia, Santo Tomas University The Philippines, The Catholic University of South Korea, Widalya Mandela University Indonesia, Sophia University Japan, St. Paul’s Institute Cambodia and St. Joseph Catholic University in Macau.  The Board meeting with attended and addressed by Prof. Isabel Gil, President of IFCU, presenting the Catholic University of Portugal.  

The ASEACCU Workshop on Internationalization

The Workshop commenced with a Welcome Dinner for both, the ASEACCU Board members and 66 participants from various ASEACU members including countries such as Australia, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Macau, The Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Cambodia.  The workshop leaders consisted of The University of Notre Dame Australia, Widalya Mandela University Indonesia and Assumption University of Thailand

The Workshop was effective in involving the active participation of all participants and concluded after an Institutional Networking session (modeled on Speed Dating session) for all participants to liaise toward collaborative agreements between themselves.  Assumption University of Thailand gained the agreement by the Catholic University of Portugal and the University of Santo Tomas, Phillipines to offer a triple badge Master degree program in Sustainable Business.  Likewise, Assumption University of Thailand proposed collaboration with the Catholic University of Portugal and University of Santo Tomas to offer collaborative degree programs in the streams of Philosophy and Religion. The proposals were accepted contingent upon approvals by the Deans.

The 27th ASEACUU Conference

Assumption University Participants:


Mr. Glen Chatelier                     Director, Office of International Affairs

Dr. Kajornpat Tangyin               Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, The Graduate School of Human Sciences

Dr. Annop Pheungcheur             Lecturer, Department of Property Valuation, Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics

Total number of participants

Institutions: 45 (Staff and students) : 203

Number of Countries: 9

The Conference Theme: Reconciliation and the Situation in the East Asian Region Conference Cultural Exposure and Field work Activities on August 21, 2019:

Visit to Toepung Observatory (DMZ)

Visit to the LG Industrial Park and Innovation Center

Conference sessions:

The Keynote Speech

August 22, 2019


The first keynote Address drawing upon the cases of Ahn Jung-Geung (1879-1910), the UN Human Rights Commission, Arif Hassan, Perween Rahaman, Jei Jeong-GU,Maria Fedes Bagasao and Jude Lal Fernando, addressed and dwelt on the theme Reconciliation, Human Rights and Democracy:  Challenges for Asian Catholic Universities.  The highlights of the address pointed to Inescapable Interdependence, the role of ASEAN as Model and Facilitator for Korea Reconciliation and Denuclearization and the continuance of the voices of Catholic Universities in Asia to spread the messages of hope and peace.

The four academic papers in the afternoon session :

Papers were presented by the following as Country representatives:

Rev. Fr. Philipus Tule, SVD, Widya Mandira Catholic University, Kupandg, NTT, Indonesia: Religious Conflicts and a Culture of Tolerance:  Conflict Resolution in Indonesia

Prof. Youngshik Bong, Yonsei University, South Korea:  An Analysis on the failure of the Kim Jung Un-Donald Trump Summit in Hanoi

Dr. Asmin Francesca, Atma Jaya Catholic University,  Jakarta, Indonesia:  Longing for the House of God, Dwelling in the House of Ancestors

Ms. Josephine Perez, Ateneo de Manila University, The Philippines: Field notes on Conflict Resolution with the Hill Tribes of Mindanao


The ASEACCU Business Meeting on August 22, 2019

The ASEACCU Executive Board of ASEACCU was reconstituted for the term of 2019-2022

The Australian Catholic University, Melbourne, Australia

Sophia University, Japan

The Catholic University of South Korea

Providence University, Taiwan

St. Joseph’s Catholic University, Macau

St. Beda College, Manila Philippines

Soegjiparanata Catholic University, Indonesia

Assumption University of Thailand, Bangkok, Thailand

St. Paul Institute, Cambodia

The changing of roles:  A Group photograph of the Former Executive Board members and the New Executive Board Members

Group Photograph of the representatives from ASEACCU members at the closing ceremony of the Conference at Sogang University, South Korea

The Conference came to a close with a Dinner hosted by the President of Sogang University and vibrant Student Cultural Dance performances

Follow up to the 27th ASEACCU Conference:

The 28th ASEACCU Conference, August25-29, 2020 will be hosted by St. Paul Institute, Takeo Province, Cambodia

Assumption University’s follow up:

  1. Network with the Graduate Schools of Business and Human Sciences to work out the plans and implementation of collaborative agreements for Graduate program in Business and Philosophy and Religion
  2. Follow up with IFCU on proposal for Intercontinental research project on Intellectual Property Rights and the Identity of the Catholic University

As ASEACCU Board member:

Assumption University of Thailand proposed that the Xavier learning Institute in Chiangrai be accepted as an ASEACCU member from 2019 onwards.  The Xavier learning Institute was accepted for full membership as of August 22, 2019 and the Provincial Superior of the Society of Jesuits has already been informed about this.

Assumption University of Thailand will network ASEACCU Information with St. Louis College, St. John’s University and St. Theresa International College (newly accepted as a member as of August 22, 2019)

The 27th ASEACUU Conference 2019 (August 20-23, 2019)
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