Office of International Affairs

About Us

Assumption University envisions its graduates as healthy and open-minded persons, characterized by personal integrity, an independent mind, and creative thinking; professionally competent, willing to exercise responsible leadership for economic progress in a just society; able to communicate effectively with people from other nations and to participate in globalization.

With the foregoing vision, a day-to-day experience at the University is veritably the United Nations in action.  Lecturers and students from diverse backgrounds interact with each other responsibly, and attain appreciable levels of mutual respect.  More than that, the productivity of the learning enterprise is praiseworthy.  Whether or not it is a student from Thailand, or China or France or Nigeria, students are put into a common learning experience, to discover new avenues of knowledge and to learn to grow, learn to become, learn to be, learn to live together through working on the noble pursuit of humanistic and interdisciplinary knowledge while at the same time, evolving capacities in diversity training which brings them into competitive environments in higher education or professions. 

In the environment of vibrant international learning, the Office of International Affairs takes on the role of not merely directing, but nurturing, coaching, mentoring and co-working with lecturers, staff and students, moving all to the common goal of growing together and discovering new values in each other and in the world-wide partnerships we are able to achieve for the purpose of advancing knowledge.

The residue impacts of all efforts result in cultural adjustment and adaptation.  Lecturers and students evolve a unique culture of sharing and growing to create a better world.

The Office of International Affairs reports to the Office of the President and is responsible for establishing international education Exchanges and Study Abroad opportunities at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

The Office provides guidance and counseling for students who wish to spend a semester abroad, to transfer as an undergraduate or to continue postgraduate studies at other international institutions. It is also charged to collaborate with the Office of Student Affairs, the International Students Center, the Office of Thai Art and  Culture and with each faculty to enhance the care-taking of the international students.

Our department regularly receives international dignitaries and international guests. We coordinate visits by international guests and assist with the various university publications when needed.


The Office of International Affairs envisions itself as:
An effective supporting office within the university, promoting quality international linkages.


  1. Facilitate exchange programs/students
    1.1 To facilitate inbound and outbound exchange programs/students
    1.2 To facilitate study abroad programs
  1. Represent the university internationally
    2.1 To attend international events on and off campus
    2.2 To link Assumption University to international communities
  1. Collaboration with international universities
    3.1 To facilitate MOU signings
    3.2 To strengthen the international networking and collaboration between international universities and Assumption University
  1. Coordinate international activities
    4.1 To liaise for academic and administrative units with national and international agencies